Daring Faith 40 Day Spiritual Growth Campaign

Join us for our next 40 Day Spiritual Growth Campaign! We kick off on Sunday January 29, 2017 and we'll wrap up Sunday March 5, 2017. Our Campaigns are about aligning our entire church on the same spiritual growth topic over a 40 day period. Our Children, Youth and Adults all study, learn and grow participating in three key campaign elements.

First, during the campaign, we want everyone participating in a personal daily Bible Study. Second, we want everyone participating in one of the many small groups that will be meeting during the campaign. Third, we want everyone to commit to coming to one worship experience for the entire 6 week campaign.

We invite you to join us for "Daring Faith"! And we promise if you commit to personal daily Bible Study, weekly Small Group attendance and weekly service attendence God will transform your life. Take us up on this challenge. It will change everything.